Hi, I'm SHEYR. Welcome to my home page!
Below you can find the total worklog of my first modding project FUG-01/ET.

My intention was to create a mod that is a PC but also looks like a radiostation with Enemy Territory atmosphere.
I hope I was succesfull, but of course you might be other opinion.

There are almost pure photos in this worklog so if you like you can email questions or comments to me. I'll answer ASAP.

So, here we go........
For the start some pictures of the finnished case.
Everything in this case works well! The ampermeter indicates the total current consumption and the voltmeter indicates the critical voltages 3,3V, 5V, 12V
and the fan voltages: the PSU fan, the case fan and the CPU fan. To measure the voltages you want to, you just operate the switches.

And now, lets get back to April 2005........ Next page >>